The importance of digital marketing in the renewable energy sector

The importance of digital marketing in the renewable energy sector

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Digital marketing is nowadays an essential weapon to reach your objectives when it comes to promoting a product. The renewable energy sector being in full expansion, it needs a sure way to promote its importance as well as its impact on the other sectors of activity. Focus on the role of digital marketing in the renewable energy sector.

Renewable energies: a rapidly expanding sector

One of the major challenges in the field of green energy by 2030 is a large expansion of energy from natural sources. These are solar, hydraulic and wind energies. In several European countries, including France, these types of energy are already in full operation. The expansion in this sector consists in multiplying by three the capacity of the current production and use. This seemingly simple challenge seems to be a bit difficult to take up, mainly because of the crises that have been persisting for some time.

However, it remains a main objective for which the various actors involved intend to do everything possible to achieve. In this logic, an invitation for large-scale industrial mobilization is launched. An irrefutable proof of the importance of the work to be done and to what extent it participates in the energy, climate and economic security of the planet.

The efforts to be made now must focus on investments that must increase on a large scale. It is important to remember that renewable energies protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This is why this sector is a safe bet for the future. If the targets set for 2023 are met, renewable energies will account for almost half of the energy used in France and throughout Europe.

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Digitalization still in its infancy in the renewable energy sector

In recent years, digital technology has become an effective, fast and formidable way to gain visibility. Thanks to the various social networks and other means of communication on a global scale, it is easier today to reach a large number of people in record time. Thus, all companies, regardless of their specialization and the services they offer, are turning to digital channels.

In the renewable energy sector, which is not very digitized, the players also have to opt for digitalization in their communication and advertising process. To do so, they need to develop a strategy that can work, which will be based on a few key points. The first one is the determination of the perfect target. To identify it, companies must study their profile beforehand and also know their expectations. This can be done quite easily with digital tools.

The prospecting will then be based on the needs of the customers explained in order to convince them. Inbound marketing is also a criterion of this strategy. It consists in establishing a lasting relationship of trust with potential customers. The content proposed for this purpose is attractive and distributed largely on social media. It is also intended for a given target. Initially, companies seek to put trust at the center of the relationship. This contributes to loyalty. Digital technology can basically achieve all these objectives with little investment and this very efficiently.

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A market not mature enough to evolve without digital

The renewable energy market still has a lot of work to do to reach maturity. The first obstacle to the maturity of this market is the existence of a limited number of investors. The players who are really interested in investing in this very important field are mostly managers of small energy companies. Therefore, we can see that efforts are not concentrated to increase investments in the field.

In the market, there is also a lack of means to better communicate in order to appeal to investors while convincing them of the importance of the sector. Hence the need to integrate commercial marketing in this environment. Therefore, a good part of the actions must be done through digital methods. In concrete terms, a more precise and intensive communication has a better chance of reaching potential investors and by extension new prospects.

Similarly, for the renewable energy market to expand materially on a global scale, all countries need to be committed to the cause. Unfortunately, until now, the challenge of expanding green energy does not seem to really concern everyone. Thus, in order to reach more targets, better education on renewable energy must be put in place.

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The need for education on the renewable energy sector

Education about the renewable energy sector has two purposes. The first goal is to get people to understand the concept of green energy. The second goal is to make people aware of how renewable energy works. To achieve the first goal, it is necessary to target the part of the population that is unaware of the existence, or at least the importance of renewable energies. For that, a basic study is necessary.

The results obtained thanks to the different samples studied will give a more or less clear idea of the level of knowledge of the population on this form of energy. If schools and training centers represent one of the most certain means to convey this knowledge, digital technology still has a leading role to play. Learners, as early as primary or secondary school, will already have an idea of what renewable energies represent. Through the organization of conferences in the regions concerned and media campaigns, the information will also reach the population.

In fact, if there is a good mastery on the issue of renewable energy and its operation, investors could consider investing in this area. Also, the number of consumers in the market will increase tenfold. Education on the renewable energy sector is then a source of motivation for investors and consumers.

Energy, a sector particularly concerned by the protection of sensitive data

In the renewable energy sector, there is a great risk related to data hacking. Thus, the digitalization in the sector is faced with this main problem. Several times, power outages have been the work of hackers. It should be noted that electricity is an important lever for development. In other words, a country plunged into darkness can suffer other types of attacks that threaten the security of the population and economic assets.

As an example, in Europe as elsewhere, power outages have been caused several times by cyber attacks. In addition to attacks on electricity distribution, there is also the risk of data loss in the same sector. In this logic, reflections are conducted on two main axes. These are the company/customer axis and the company/employee axis.

The first axis takes into account the personal data of users. As for the second axis, it concerns most of the players in the sector. It includes document sharing, electronic signature, collaborative work, etc. Faced with these different risks, security measures are deployed to prevent these attacks at various levels.

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