Creation of company presentation site towards Liege

Creation of company presentation site towards Liege


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Why is it absolutely necessary to have a presentation website if your business is located in Liege?

Having a presentation website confers several advantages to your company or business. It is one of the best ways to increase your turnover and gain popularity especially if you are based in Liege.


Do not miss the transition

Liege is a city in constant expansion and is currently undergoing a strong digital transition. As you may have noticed, all businesses are now moving to the web. Not missing the transition will be very important if you do not want to be left behind by the competition. So go online!


Reach a larger audience

One of the main goals of a business is to increase its customer base. When you create a presentation website for your business in order to increase your reach. Indeed, the internet is now the biggest acquisition channel for businesses.

Millions of people search the web daily for information. By being present and giving answers on the Internet, you create a relationship with your future customer.

Thus, as soon as your activity has a presence on the Internet, you increase your chances of being contacted by new prospects. Moreover, thanks to all the modern means that dynamic websites have, customers can contact you, get your address directly from their home etc…

site internet de présentation liège

Communicate more easily

A website allows you to communicate more easily. Belgians spend many hours surfing the internet. All their questions and queries are addressed to search engines. They are therefore likely to come across your website when they are looking for a service you offer.

In addition, being located in Liege, a city in full commercial development which is going digital very quickly, this will allow you to not stay on the sidelines of the evolution.

The showcase site is not used to make commercial exchanges: for that, an e-commerce site is more adapted. However, it allows you to clarify your services, to distinguish you from the competition and to show to the Internet users how your services or products are particular. You will be able to pass strong messages, to speak about the motto of your company to the curious: what is not obvious on the physical site.


What are the steps to create a showcase website

To create a showcase website, our process follows a series of defined steps. Let me tell you about it very quickly:

1. Graphic UX/UI design

The graphic design of the website gathers some attributes necessary for its performance. The UX design includes all the features of the website interface that will allow it to respond effectively to the needs of users. UX is the acronym of « USER EXPERIENCE ».

It is thanks to this step of UX Design that we will be able to guide your visitor to take him by the hand where we want and convert him thereafter.

The objective of UX design is to anticipate the user’s experience on your website and to make their experience as pleasant as possible.

In addition, to complete the UX, it is important to do a lot of UI Design work. UI is the acronym for « USER INTERFACE ».

The UI Design is focused on the user interface and its role is to facilitate the interactions between the user and the products put forward on the website. These two branches of design will allow you to develop a graphic version (logo, layout, fonts, graphic charter …) of your web project.


site internet de présentation liège

2. Website development

There are several ways to turn the previously created designs and mockups into a working website.

To begin with, you can integrate them via code with a programming language like React or HTML 5/CSS in a software environment. To use this method, you need to have some practical programming knowledge or hire a professional. Coding your own website ensures its fluidity and offers great freedom in optimizing its visibility.

For those who are new to technology, there are software programs that allow you to format your website without having to code, which makes the task much easier. These are CMS like WordPress and website builders like Weebly and Squarespace.

These are the fastest ways to get on the web and keep costs to a minimum. That’s why this is the offering we most often recommend to our clients when we quote for a presentation website.

site internet de présentation liège

SEO optimization of your site to ensure referencing

The SEO optimization of the site is extremely important for your visibility on the Internet. SEO (acronym for « Search Engine Optimization ») is the way our site will be perceived by search engines. By using the wrong techniques during development or a bad site architecture, you risk being penalized by them and not appearing in search results.

If you are in Liege and do not appear in the results of the city, I let you imagine the worries that this can cause.

It is important to have your site designed by professionals to avoid any problems related to the site’s architecture or internal linking.


Website hosting and maintenance

The last steps in the creation of a website are hosting and maintenance. It is necessary to put the site online on a solid hosting in order to avoid potential bugs due to the traffic.

Depending on the type of project, it will be necessary to host the site on a dedicated hosting, a classic cloud hosting or a VPS (Virtual Private Server).

The maintenance usually charged by other agencies is not charged by Infinity Agency during the first months.

We will make the visual changes you request and correct any possible problems with the site.


What is the average price of a presentation website in Liege

The price of a website in Cork varies depending on the type of project. Several factors come into play when estimating the price. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • The number of pages
  • The complexity of the project
  • The technique of realization (code or CMS)
  • The necessary team
  • Etc…

However, keep in mind that in our agency, the price of the creation of a showcase website will cost between 800 and 2000 euros.

Thank you for reading, see you soon at Infinity Agency!

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30 novembre 2022