How to prospect well in real estate thanks to digital marketing ?

How to prospect well in real estate thanks to digital marketing ?

prospection digitale immobilier

Are you a real estate agent or agency owner? If so, you know the importance of prospecting in this sector. Prospecting allows you to have an unlimited flow of clients and regular mandates. You are already using the most known acquisition channels, but you want to optimize your prospecting?

In this article, we will give you solutions that will allow you to be much more efficient in your real estate prospecting.

Are there ways to prospect better? To be more efficient ? To spend less time ? That’s what we’re going to see !

Original real estate prospecting

Why should you prospect in real estate?

Being a common challenge to many professions related to real estate, real estate prospecting consists in searching for real estate intended for sale or rent. Thus, the professional signs a mandate with the owner in virtue of which he/she is responsible for finding buyers. In exchange, the owner must pay the real estate professional a commission for each property sold or rented.

It is very important to prospect to ensure:

A viable business and a sustainable situation

Prospecting is a challenge for almost all professions related to real estate. Without prospecting, it is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain mandates, and therefore to make sales.

Prospecting allows the sales representative to build up a portfolio of properties, which he can then offer to potential buyers. Contrary to real estate freelancing, which aims at obtaining exclusive mandates.

A good prospecting allows the professional to increase his notoriety, and thus his turnover. To succeed in real estate prospecting, it is essential to master the market on a local level.

An important turnover which allows you to have the choice

As you surely know, it is very complicated for an entrepreneur who is just starting out to have a full client portfolio, and therefore to be able to refuse certain offers.

Thanks to a well-organized prospecting, this problem will no longer be a problem!

Prospecting must be within the circle of competence of real estate transaction professionals such as :

  • Real estate agents;
  • Real estate promoters;
  • Agents operating within a network, etc.

It allows them to build a solid database over time. This database is essentially composed of « mature prospects ». These are owners of existing buildings or properties for sale or rent.

Their address book also includes « green prospects ». These are people who have future real estate projects. The real estate agent can refuse mandates if he or she feels that they are not of interest to the clientele in his or her geographical area and/or would be too complicated to sell.

The assurance of being able to meet the needs of potential buyers

The goal of prospecting is to accumulate a large number of mandates related to different types of properties. This allows us to offer different types of buyers properties that correspond to their expectations. To do this, it is essential to cover the entire spectrum of customer acquisition. The salesperson must optimize his marketing actions in order to better know his prospects and offer them adapted properties.

Having a larger number of properties under management allows you to propose to each client the property that will be their « coup de coeur ».

digital real estate prospecting

What are the most used prospecting methods in real estate today?

Today, various methods are used in real estate prospecting.

Door-to-door canvassing

Door-to-door marketing refers to a strategy that consists of canvassing prospects directly in their homes. Thus, you make yourself known in your prospecting area and let word of mouth do the rest.

More than a simple commercial maneuver, door-to-door marketing allows you to humanize your activity. It aims at establishing a human and relational link with the prospect. The meeting with the potential customer allows to establish a relationship of trust. In contrast, telephone or digital prospecting arouses less interest and sometimes leads to mistrust.

Door-to-door canvassing allows the sales representative to focus his research on a defined geographical area. He can also target specific types of property and thus avoid spreading himself too thinly in his mission.

Prospecting via flyers

The flyer remains an indestructible marketing tool. An excellent ally for door-to-door prospecting, it is a physical document that allows the salesperson to communicate on his offers. It allows the prospect to have within reach the information related to the professional and his activity. It saves him the trouble of finding your references or to learn more about your offer.

In order for a flyer to achieve the desired result, it is essential that it meets a number of criteria. The first is the format. A convincing flyer should be neither too big nor too small. Ideally, a medium format (preferably A5 paper) should be used, as it can contain all the information likely to arouse the interest of prospects.

Telephone solicitation

In reality, telephone canvassing is a support to door-to-door prospecting. It allows the sales representative to follow up on potential prospects in order to explain the importance of using the mandate.

Telephone canvassing is often a blocking factor for agents and young real estate professionals. Indeed, it is sometimes complicated to get started, but telephone prospecting remains one of the most effective methods today.

Thanks to real estate prospecting, the professional also learns more about his potential client and his project. It allows to create an emotional connection with the prospects and helps to better convince them. For this strategy to be successful, it is important to choose the right calling hours. Ideally, you should call in the evening or agree on a convenient time with the prospect.

The agencies’ showcase

Even if real estate prospecting does not involve a product, the fact remains that the real estate salesperson’s activity must have a sign. Whether the latter is physical or virtual, it must meet certain criteria. The first is related to the message it conveys. It must be meaningful without being boring.

In the case of a physical window, for example, it is useless to list all your services on the sign. Instead, choose a succinct message, gathering in a few words all the activities of your agency. The role of the window display is to lead potential customers to take action. In this case, it is to entrust you with the rental or sale of one or more properties.

Prospecting in real estate

Why optimize your real estate prospecting?

It is important for all professionals in the sector to optimize their prospecting to prospect well in real estate. A real estate professional who misses the digital transition in prospecting risks being overtaken by agencies and agents who optimize their prospecting.

Here are some of the main advantages of optimizing your real estate prospecting:

Optimize your prospecting to save time

The optimization of real estate prospecting allows both parties involved to save time. By showing originality and creativity, the professional creates new supports. He creates an interconnection between different supports in order to fluidify the customer’s path and thus bring prospects to entrust him with their properties.

This method consists in creating personalized communication tools according to each type of prospect. It is based on the needs of each one to better attract their attention. It then becomes easier to propose offers adapted to each prospect.

Optimize your prospecting to get customers automatically

The optimization of a real estate prospecting consists of different commercial actions. These are called inbound marketing and outbound marketing respectively. The first one aims at reinforcing the visibility of the offers to the leads. It is declined in various approaches. The most common ones consist in regularly posting ads on websites and social networks. Prior to this approach, it is essential to study the profile of potential prospects. Thus, it becomes easier to create offers adapted to its audience.

Outbound marketing consists in a survey operation towards customers and prospects. Carried out by phone call or emailing, this action aims to inquire about the needs of some and to collect the opinions of others.

Possibility of scaling its prospecting and reach several cities at the same time.

One of the difficulties linked to traditional prospecting remains the difficulty, even the incapacity of the professional to reach distant prospects. By proceeding as such, his message has only a short range. It may not even reach the surrounding communities. On the other hand, by automating the canvassing, it increases the reach of its communication. It becomes possible to reach prospects in other cities. It is even possible that he can build up an international clientele.

Moreover, marketing automation allows him to regularly follow up all his potential customers. This is impossible with traditional canvassing.

Digital prospecting for real estate: The method that saves professionals in the sector

Prospect research is a tedious and time-consuming task. It consists of a long process to which it is necessary to devote considerable time.

A phenomenal time saving

To reduce the difficulties linked to prospecting and save time at the same time, the automation of canvassing remains the best solution. It consists in putting digital technologies at the service of the salesperson. Thus, thanks to the appropriate programming, they take care of searching for prospects and establishing a first contact.

Automation simplifies the task

In reality, real estate prospecting requires a number of tasks upstream. Automated prospecting simplifies these tasks. From then on, marketing teams can simply simulate different scenarios. These take into account the possible reactions of future prospects. They are then memorized by the machine, which takes over and performs all tasks automatically.
In addition to simplifying the prospecting process, automation makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategy adopted. Thus, the professional can make improvements as he goes along.

Results that exceed expectations:

Automation allows prospecting to take place in better conditions. The salesperson can more easily determine which actions to take to improve his or her performance. By implementing these actions, they obtain more sales appointments.
On average, with our clients for whom we have implemented the strategy, we have been able to generate 20 to 30 estimate appointments per month and 3 to 7 signed mandates per month.

How to set up a digital prospecting strategy?

To set up a digital prospecting strategy by yourself, you will have to learn the different algorithms of social networks and lead generation tools such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
Once you have mastered the use of these tools, you will have to work on and optimize your prospect targeting, your ad visuals and your sales messages.

Entrust my digital real estate prospecting to an agency

The acquisition of leads in the real estate sector is essential, it is what ensures the sustainability of a competitive real estate agency. Hundreds of thousands of euros are spent every day on digital advertising by agencies to try to obtain real estate. However, these are tens of thousands of euros spent to generally get popularity and nothing more.
Infinity Agency has adapted a strategy coming from the Anglo-Saxon, American market with an objective of recovering ultra qualified leads in automatic for real estate agency with European specificities.
Our solution ensures fixed costs, free time as well as a contribution in ultra qualified monthly lead. Moreover, our solution will bring you an invaluable resource on the Internet more precious than black gold : « data ».

More commonly known as data, it will be used to enrich your customer database.
Our method takes only one day to set up, needs no intervention on your part and completes or replaces the days of prospecting of your real estate agents who will be able to concentrate on two things: the sale and the conversion of all these leads. This is a godsend that will simply increase your sales volume and your turnover at the same time.

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